Joe Chavira Valentines Show

Featuring hit songs from his new album "No Reasons". 

Produced by Joe Chavira and Gerald Purify. 

Johnny Valdez - Venue/Stage 
Andy Sanders - Camera Crew 
Joe Chavira - Lead Vocals 
Matthew Willis- Guitar 
Gerald Purify - Drums 
Sponsored by BMW of Santa Maria and GC Entertainment

the Joe Chavira New Years Eve Show

the Joe Chavira Show featuring songs from his new album "No Reasons".

Produced by Joe Chavira and Grant Vision Productions. Filmed at ADEPT Events.

Johnny Valdez - Venue/Stage
Andy Sanders - Camera Crew
Joe Chavira - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Gerald Purify - Drums
Matthew Willis- Bass
Daniel Miller - Guitar
Ricky Rojas - Keyboards

Joe Chavira Covid Relief Special

This show was specifically created to raise funds for as many food shelters across the world as we can. Hopefully this will help those families in need. This show will be in memory of Trini Lopez who passed away of Covid 19 earlier this month. Trini made a special appearance on the show. Joe and Trini Lopez added a special tune called "If By Now" for the show. Some of the local artists involved that added their talents to the show are Gloria Mantooth, Erin Montgomery, The Belmores - Terry and Carol, and Daniel Miller. Produced by Joe Chavira and Doug Tomooka.