JOE CHAVIRA, American singer/songwriter, musician and performer. Plays piano, guitar, drums and bass. 

A man of passion with a big heart which is how Joe writes each and every song.

Born in Montebello, California and raised in Santa Maria California...." I think there were more strawberries than people." 

Joe had a very healthy childhood playing football, running track, earning a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, and oil painting. He also dabbled in print and animation. He created his "Two Toes" cartoon strip which ran in the local paper as well as the LA Times for several years. From that strip came the "Two Toes" animation project.

Joe was fortunate to have two parents that encouraged him to live his dream. His dad taught him music and how to play the drums at age 7. He introduced a lot of records to little Joe as a child, one of them being the Music Legend, Grammy artist Trini Lopez who was signed by Frank Sinatra and played with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Chuck Berry. That was an omen for things to come.

Joe progressed by teaching himself guitar, piano, singing as well as writing songs. Joe is a prolific writer with a catalogue of over 800 songs including a promotional commercial song for BMW, Hearst Castle, a musical stage show at Universal Studios and the theme song for Kenny Loggins Unity Celebrity TV Telethon. 

Joe considers each song he has written as a family member. He has no children and so he thinks of each one of his songs as a child that he created and raised and hopefully you will adopt it into your heart with the message that Joe sings. 

Joe always wanted to meet Trini Lopez. Who would ever guess that Joe's childhood dream would come true that years later Joe would meet Grammy Artist /Music Legend Trini Lopez.  Together Trini and Joe collaborated to co-write 47 songs, 5 CDs in 9 months and co-create "The TRINI & JOE REALITY SHOW." 

Both of his parents have passed before Joe started working with Trini Lopez, but they're looking down with a loving smile and tapping their feet to the beat to every song he writes. "I miss them both dearly and most of all I am thankful for the gift of love and support they gave me to make a difference in people's lives with a song!"

Joe's high school football coach nicknamed him "Joey-The-Jet" because he was extremely fast, persistent and bursting with energy. He's still running to fulfill his dream of having the world listen and sing to each one of his songs

"I want to bring a happy tear to your heart and give you a reason to smile."